5 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.

Due to having family visits the last two weekends, and my yoga room being under construction, I haven’t been able to practice yoga as often as I would like, and haven’t had the time to update my blog in a few weeks. I am trying to stay consistent, but just like with everything else in … Continue reading 5 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss.

Yoga Poses for Stress Relief.

I have been absent for about a week now, as I am sure those of you who follow me have noticed. I have been under a lot of stress, and decided to make my practice private for the week to focus on my body and self. Life can throw you a surprise, and at times … Continue reading Yoga Poses for Stress Relief.

10 yoga poses for beginners.

It can be difficult when starting yoga for the first time. Common thoughts I had were, “what poses should I start with?”, “how do these poses benefit me?”, “this is harder than it looks!” I have always had the best time on my mat when I come to it without expectations. I do what my … Continue reading 10 yoga poses for beginners.

Weekend pose – week 3.

Happy Friday everyone! If you’re already a follower of my blog, you probably already know that every Friday I’m going to post a “yoga pose of the weekend”. The reason I’ve decided to do this religiously, is because my blog is all about accountability and showing up for yourself. If you read my first blog … Continue reading Weekend pose – week 3.

5 Types of Yoga and the Benefits.

Yoga is a traditional discipline of Indian origin that supports the body, and additionally the psyche. Throughout the years, various forms have risen, and somewhere in the range of 30 distinct types of Yoga are currently being practice. Also, every one of them offer benefits. HATHA YOGA: Hatha yoga is the most popular, and offered … Continue reading 5 Types of Yoga and the Benefits.

What to do when you have commitment issues.

We’ve all been there. We got inspired. We planned to do something that we thought could change our world. We said to ourselves that we were …What to do when you have commitment issues #yoga

Weekend Pose – Week 2 Update.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to relax! In my previous post, I introduced the very first pose of the weekend - Mermaid pose! As I mentioned last, this is my absolute favorite pose! Here are just a few of the benefits of constant practice with this pose. … Continue reading Weekend Pose – Week 2 Update.

Weekend Pose – Week 2.

Hello, and happy Friday everyone. I am sorry I have been absent this week, a lot has happened in the last few days at work that have thrown me off track. A few of you submitted your practice from last Friday’s pose of the week and I have to say I’m definitely impressed! This weekend … Continue reading Weekend Pose – Week 2.

Weekend Pose – Week 1 update.

On Friday I posted the pose of the weekend. Originally I wanted a challenge for myself, as well as for you, reader. I must say, this was more of a challenge than I could have ever guessed it would be. I found myself getting frustrated. I couldn’t pull this one pose off. Not like I … Continue reading Weekend Pose – Week 1 update.